Collection of the contemporary and antique statue craft


1. What process is used for making the statues ?

MAG NEPAL uses the traditinal "LOST WAX METHOD OF CASTING". In simple words, artists from Patan makes the original model of the statue in wax using a full 100 % hand work and we cast this wax model by using lost wax method of casting. After a rough model of statue is produced in copper we proceed to finalise the statue via carving , cleaning, polishing, gold kepping, oxidising and face painting as per our customer need and order.

2. Will the statue be the exact like shown in the photographs?

We will provide and deliver you the exact same statue that you ordered from our website. However the color depth of the products images will be slightly variable due to the monitor's resolutions and VGA display cards and also the lighting system that we use for photographing. So it may have slight difference with the real products but we assure you the quality will remain unchanged.

3.Do I need to register on site?

It is not necessary to register to visit our website. However if you want to get the detailed information and photographs of the products you like you will need to register for one time and all your informations provided will be stored in our database for any future transactions we have.

4. Will my personal details that i provide for registering remain private?

We are upmost concerned about the information of our valued customers.MAGNEAPAL will not reveal your personal information that you provide us to any third party. Your information and details will be highly secured and will be used just for business transactions we make.

5.Will i get the detailed photographs and information of the product i like ?

Yes you will get all the required information regarding the product you wish to purchase from us. For that you will need to register yourself first in our website or also you can contact directly to us via our email : / Wechat : robbin-shakya / Skype : robbin.shakya and share us your detail.

6.Are you available 24/7 in the live chat support you have ?

No we are not 24/7 available in our live chat forum. But we assure you that your queries and comments regarding our website ,products and related will be responsed ASAP. If we are present in live chat we will respond you immediately as we recieve it from you.

7.How to place the order of the product i like?

Its very simple you can just add the product you like to the card and proceed for the check out and make payments via our available options. Or if you are not comfortable with that you can just note down the ITEM CODE present in the product and email us with your order via our email :

8.What forms of payment can i use?

Currently we have two payment options available.One is Direct Bank Transfer. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. Your order won’t be shipped until the funds have cleared in our account. Another one is payment through PAYPAL.

9.How do i know if my order has been received ?

You will get a automated email from our system with the details of your order and our bank information. ASAP we receive your order we will proceed the process.

10.What about the shipping and time it takes to reach me?

We have included the price of shipping in the price itself so once you make the payment your order will be processed. We ship the order usually by ARAMEX , DHL, UPS and TNT and other courier services we have. We will let you know about the details of shipping in the process of order via email.Generally once we handover the products to Shiiping agent it is delivered within 5 to 7 business days. However due to some technical difficulties it may go upto 10 days sometime but your order will reach to you in that time period.

11.How do i know if my order has been shipped?

ASAP we deliver the product to shipping partners we will send you the details of the shipping including the TRACKING NO.

12. What if part of my order is not available?

After you have placed your order, if for some reason an item is not available to ship (which is very rare ), then will be cancelled from your order. We will attempt to notify you via email first, then by either telephone or traditional mail, that an item has been cancelled from your order. You will not be charged for any item that is not shipped.However we never place the item which is out of stock in the purchase page of the website.

13.What about Product Packaging ?

We are very much concerned with the quality of products packaging and our client’s satisfaction, so every and up most care is taken before delivery of products.

14.Can i make order for the customized design that i want ?

If you want to make any customized designed products, we do have provision for our clients' to make an order placement inquiry for those products. For further queries-Please do e-mail at submit the Product Inquiry Form with your detail enquiries/requirements.

15. What if the product i choose is out of stock ?

We will notify you if the product you ordered is out of stock for some reason asap we receive the order. But not to worry we will try to get you the product ASAP and inform you about the same.