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Mahakala, a wrathful deity, is considered to be the fierce and powerful emanation of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. There are many different mahakalas among which this two armed Mahakala is also the one. It is a protector of the Karma Kagyu school.

This protective deity is is described as figures possessing stout bodies, short but thick and strong limbs. His flaming hair, decorated with a crown of skulls, rises from his forehead, while a circle of flames dance around him. His face possesses a typical wrathful expression. The mouth is contorted to an angry smile from its corners protrude long fangs. The protruding, bloodshot eyes have an angry and staring expression and usually a third eye is visible in the middle of the forehead.

In his right hand, he holds a chopper, which symbolizes the cutting through of negative patterns such as aggression, hatred, and ignorance. In his left hand, he holds a skull cup, a ritual element typically filled with blood or human brain matter. He is seen standing on the corpse of two human bodies, thus symbolizing the death of negativities and the complete uprooting of negative patterns to such a point that, like a dead body, they will not come to life.

Price: $998.00

Item Code : AG-578-CF

Size ( H X B X D) : 27x19x12 ( in cms )

Weight : 2.500 kgs

Material Used : Copper Casted and carved , Copper oxidized with silver on eyes inlaid


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